From leadership development to self-improvement and evolution, to mindfulness development, counselling and psychotherapy…the horses can guide and educate us in so many ways…we say we offer these services, but we simply facilitate the journey the horses will take you on.

Equine Guided Self-Development and Evolution Sessions

Suppose you want to improve your mindfulness skills, maintain better coherence and self-regulation skills, learn ways to become more calm and present each day, or simply workshop experiences and ideas in a safe, supportive and judgment-free environment. In that case, the Self Development and Evolution Sessions are for you. By incorporating mindfulness techniques, meditation and mindset skills guided in session with our beautiful equine partners, we help you unlock tools and abilities to show up as your best self at home, at work and in the world. 

These sessions are not counselling or talk therapy but rather a time to tap into your higher self and your inner intuition and harness and refine the tools and skills to help you regulate yourself during stress or pressure. These sessions also allow you a forum to talk through life as it is showing up for you today and learn skills to help you navigate this. 

Head to the contact page to get in touch and discover what these session can do for you. Spots are limited. Secure your booking below!

Equine Guided Psychotherapy

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