About Us

Welcome to Wolf Pack Health and Wellness, a visionary endeavour fuelled by the passion of Jezey and Matt Wolf. Rooted in their unwavering dedication to helping individuals unlock their true potential and experience profound inner peace, this transformative venture was born.

Recognising the extraordinary healing power of nature and the profound connection between horses and human well-being, the team of devoted equine enthusiasts endeavour to facilitate transformative experiences in the embrace of nature. Their mission is to guide men, women, and children on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment, supported by the remarkable healing power of horses.

At our ranch, an array of services and experiences await you. From equine-guided psychotherapy, healing and educational sessions to invigorating cold immersion, nature-based meditation and gentle consent based horsemanship coaching, our offerings are designed to nourish your mind, body, and soul. As we continue to expand our services throughout 2024, you can expect an even broader range of transformative experiences.

Whether you seek a retreat, an escape, additional support for yourself, your team, or a friend, or simply yearn to connect with like-minded individuals, we invite you to reach out. Embark on a journey of self-discovery, connection, and growth with Wolf Pack Health and Wellness.

Meet the Founders

Jezey Wolf

 and Hailing from the rural landscapes of Queensland, Jezey’s spirit was forever entwined with a wild essence, even as she found herself caught in the whirlwind of city life. With a background in high-level marketing, she traversed the realms of corporate leadership and freelance consultancy in Melbourne, all the while sensing her own uniqueness and perceiving the world through a different lens. It would take over three decades for her to realize that her divergent perspective was a precious gift rather than a burden.

From her earliest years, Jezey was affectionately known as the ‘pied piper,’ drawing animals to her side wherever she went. Her innate comfort resided in the presence of animals, while the company of people always left her somewhat unsettled. Even amidst the bustling metropolis, her heart remained captivated by horses. The flame of that love, ignited in her youth, burned ever brighter, and she longed for the day she could return to her roots, immersing herself in nature’s embrace alongside these majestic creatures. The path to fulfilling this deep longing was unclear, but fate had something remarkable in store.

Approximately five years ago, Jezey’s journey intersected with her now-husband, Matt. Sometimes, destiny becomes crystal clear, and such was the case for her. Without hesitation, she packed her bags and ventured to Queensland, where the call of the land and the longing to reconnect with nature and horses reverberated within her soul. The realization dawned that her purpose was to guide others in finding peace.

Years spent within the corporate world had granted Jezey firsthand observation of the pervasive lack of joy, inner peace, and authentic connection that many individuals consider the norm. Now, her passion lies in assisting people of all ages to rediscover their connection to the Earth, rekindle their inner spirit, and, with the guidance of horses, uncover their truest joy in life, whatever form it may take.

Jezey holds a Bachelor of Communication, a Master of Marketing, a Graduate Diploma in Counselling, a  Master of Counselling and Psychotherapy, is ACA registered (Level 2) and has completed extensive training in Internal Family Systems (IFS) and has an equine therapy specialisation through the Equine Psychotherapy Institute . These educational accomplishments serve as a testament to her commitment to empowering others on their transformative journeys toward wholeness and well-being.

Matt Wolf

Born and raised in the sunny landscapes of Queensland, Matt always felt at odds with the concept of conformity. The traditional schooling system proved ill-suited to his spirit, prompting him to depart in year nine and forge his own path in the vast expanse of the Australian outback. Guided by one of the country’s esteemed drovers, he spent six transformative months traversing Queensland, sleeping under the stars, and bathing in water troughs while herding cattle. It was a life that nurtured his transition from boyhood to manhood in a world that often challenged those with a strong spirit.

After his time on horseback, the allure of wages (a meager $250 per week for grueling 14-hour days, seven days a week) began to fade. Seeking a qualification that could boost his earning potential, Matt enrolled in agricultural college. Although the gains were minimal, he accepted that returning home to embrace the family trade of boiler making was a more practical means of securing a decent wage.

During his work in the metal industry, fate intervened when Matt discovered MMA while seeking a way to shed excess weight. What started as a personal journey soon evolved into an obsession, leading him to compete in professional fights across the country. It was through this path that he crossed paths with a woman in Melbourne who would become his wife, and together they began building a life.

Today, Matt finds himself rooted at Wolf Pack Ranch alongside his wife, Jezey, and their children. In true serendipity, he married a woman as impulsive as himself, resulting in a vibrant menagerie comprising nine horses, cattle, buffalo, a house pig, dogs, cats, and chickens. The Ranch’s unconventional charm even compelled Matt to use his last tax return to acquire a wild Northern Territory swamp buffalo, which Jezey successfully tamed using Warwick Schiller-inspired training techniques.

Since embracing this new chapter of his life, Matt has discovered a profound passion for helping others. Engaging in mentoring work with disengaged youth ignited a deep desire to extend his impact. This passion now drives him, as he combines his affinity for horses and the transformative power of nature to guide young individuals who struggle with the confines of conventional paths, assisting them in finding their own unique journey to fulfilment. 

Matt holds a Diploma in Counselling, is ACA registered (Level 1), has had extenisve training in Internal Family Systems (IFS) and is a accredited Equine Connections facilitator.