Respite Stays

Wolf Pack Health and Wellness offer a variety of services and programs to the community. If you don’t see exactly what you are after here for yourself or someone in your care, or perhaps you’re not sure which is right for you, please feel free to drop us an email, and we will happily see what we can do to support you in reaching your goals.

NDIS Independent Support

We believe all people, no matter their age or ability, deserve the right to get out in nature, to explore, to engage with animals, to ground themselves with the earth. We offer one-off or ongoing NDIS support days.

Come for a ranch day/s and meet the cows, pat the buffalo, groom and bond the horses, and scratch the pig on the belly. It’s a real chance to meet fun and quirky animals, learn about how we care for them, listen to the lessons they can teach us and enjoy their peaceful and calming natures.

These days are great for anyone looking to get outside, they’re amazing for young people struggling with connection or social skills, those lacking in confidence, or those who just love animals but don’t get many chances to spend time with them.

Animals to pat/groom at the Ranch

  • Odin, the mini pig
  • Marmalade the European Buffalo and her calf Toast
  • Lucky the Dairy Steer
  • Waffles the calf
  • Otis and Alaska, the cats
  • Ghost, Kimura and Bear, the dogs
  • Sammy, the mini pony
  • 7 different horses (Rico, Diesel, Willow, Tawa, Maverick, Freya, and Maia)
  • The resident sheep Ewie, Rambo and their babies

Animals to observe at the Ranch

  • Chickens
  • Turkeys
  • Beatrice the swamp buffalo
  • Beef cows (Baby girl, Vanilla, Crazy eyes & DD the Long Horn)
  • Variety of wild birds, occasional kangaroos etc.

NDIS Respite Stays

We know the days can be long and the times can be tough, that’s why we have opened our doors to NDIS overnight respite stays. If you’re independent, you have access to the Wolf Pack Ranch cabin or if you’re younger or need more support, you can join our family in the main house. Included with all stays is a full-day Wolf Pack Ranch experience, we will get you involved in the farm’s operations to a level suitable to your abilities and interests. These stays are also an excellent option for young people who need some time away from the hustle and bustle – to be reconnected with earth and nature in a supportive and safe environment.